Drawing in 3D is wonderful experience for one and of course it adds value to your idea when the pen is of top quality with featured functions. Here’s how you can get the pleasure out of 3D drawing. Gone are the days when studies and learning methods used to have limits up to writing down on paper and having the same boring experience while studying. Where today’s innovative 3D technology has brought an excellent experience that can let your time indulged into learning productive things, as it's never boring when learning is creative. Framing ideas is innovation but giving them a form is something that can influence anyone after all first impression is the last impression to win people’s attention.

Presentation when attracts people conveys a good image of yours on the mind of them. 3D technology Pen gives you never experienced way of turning your ideas in stimulating written form.
Standing out images drawn in 3D are now preferred more over the things drawn over the paper giving a flat image. It really leaves a positive impact to the ultimate people who receive your message through your written idea.

Teaching in class over writing board if is turned into 3D form where the charts and diagrams appear. This is how you can have the best quality 3d pens of top brands.

We here bring to you the best quality and uniquely featured 3D pen with top brands on reliable basis that constitutes our deep market analysis over these products and reading its users and their experience with the concerned products. These reviews, our discussion and analysis form the good basis for you to choose one that suits best to your needs.

There we are listing down some numbers of thing that should be considered while buying any 3D printing pen.


A typical or the basic 3D pen is not equipped with any kind of software or the computer assembly. A 3D pen is a kind of stylish pen which does the basic job of drawing or Doodling the 3D objects. This 3D pen works by a power source and which draws by the help of a plastic which cools down on the paper very easily and fast and produces a decent 3D object.

Nonetheless in the modern world the 3D pens are being produced with the assembly of many advanced features which do the job more than a mere 3D drawing, so it's up to you that what kind of purpose you want to be served by the 3D pen.

The Filament

This is another part of any 3D pen the filament holds the plastic material in the several colors and it's up to you which color shape you want to give to your object. The same color filament will be used in drawing the object.

Brand & Manufacture

In today's date there are plenty of the brands which are manufacturing the 3D pens. You can choose any reputable brand name which offers the decent 3D pens since a brand which is having a good credibility among the users would always offer a great performance 3D pen.

Customer Reviews

Reviews regarding the concerned product can and must be the first second step after analyzing the product details. Reviews from the people having experience with the concerned product can help you in having an idea about the durability and quality in actuality that may deviate from advertisement. Positive response from users can build a good basis to

Below we are providing you with some of the best 3D pens which we believe would surely hit your likings and the requirements.

1. 3 Doodler 2.0 printing pen

3 doodler is at first spot in our list due to its all around and the versatile features/performance. It is a great small sized gadget which can be used in the similar way just like a pen. This 3D pen was first introduced in the year 2013. The founder of this pen raised the money by the way of Kick-star company for the creation of this 3D pen.

The price of this pen has been fixed at a very reasonable price tag. It is the 2.0 version of this pen with some extra features and the performance improvements.

3D Doodler 2.0 Printing Pen

3D Doodler 2.0 Printing Pen

How does 3 Doodler work

If you look at this 3D printer pen device then it would simply and fully resemble to any ordinary pen instead of the ink 3D pen. The pen has been made with the plastic body and the roads of ABS.

There are the strips which have been fed to the end of the pen. The heated and the melted plastic have been kept at the other end. This pen works as a quickly as any other ordinary pen. The body gets heated though but it cools down in some quick amount of time so that you can resume working again.

While using the pen the user needs to hold the plastic strip and pushes that through one end. User needs to press a button and the heated plastic will be at the tip of the pen. This device offers the option of letting you choose that how fast you want the heated plastic to be at the tip of pen which depends upon the speed of your drawing.


  • The dimension of this 3D pen 3×11.2×5.2 inches
  • Weight stands for the 1.8 ounces
  • Thus 3D pen can hit the temperature as high as 160 to 230 degrees
  • The 2.0 version of this 3D pen is slimmer,light and even stronger than the previous original version.
  • The pen is having the slender body which suits the hand very well
  • You can change the drawing speed of this pen in accordance to your comfort.

3 Doodler 2.0 Printing Pen Design

People are often confused with the original and the 2.0 version of the 3 Doodler. Well the first very obvious difference is of the size with the size of the original version was comparatively smaller. The smaller size of the original 3 Doodler became the ground of the criticism for the many users since it did not fit the grip of many users.
Apart from the smaller size the pen was having a slim top and the thick bottom and the overall weight of the pen was also heavy such specifications or the body structure did not last up to the liking of many users.
The company gave due care to the complaints of the users and came up with an upgraded version of the 3 Doodler  in the year of 2018. This 2.0 version has been rectified from all those complaints of the users that were there in the first original version of this pen.

The new 2.0 version of this pen is slimmer and having the very comfortable shape to be gripped in the hands with an utmost comfort. The weight also of the pen now has only remained as 1.8 ounces which has improved the overall quality and the comfort of drawing the objects.

If we talk about some other addition to the 3Doodler then the pen is packed now with some other accessories such as the jetpack, an inbuilt battery which provides enough juice to be lasted for the minimum of 2 hours of work easily.Other than this you would also see some other controllers with the pen which adjusts the speed of drawing the objects. The pen has been overall improved well in the aesthetic department as well.

Speed controls

The pen is equipped with the dual speed controllers which offers the continuous flow function of long hours doodling

Design features

The 2.0 version of the 3 Doodler is having the brand new nozzles which enhances the overall performance and the pen works with very negligible sound.


The pen is having very slimmer stronger and the aesthetic body which looks cool in the hands.

Pros and the functionality of the 3Doodler pen

The best part of this pen is the practicality of usages. You will get all the practical feature with this pen which are usable by any class of the users be it the beginner or the professional level of artists.

I have personally seen the pens which have been designed at a very high cost tag and hence they are suitable mostly for the professional artists or the doodler. This is not the case with this pen you can use it even if you are amateur artist or the Doodler.You can create 3D images or the doodles by this pen with an utmost fun and the cost of this pen is even cheaper than the cost of 3D printer which makes it a smart choice for all kinds of the users. 3 Doodler pen is having the price tag of $99 which is very reasonable in this price range.Having the pen over a 3D printer is always a wise choice as the pen offers a very fast speed in the comparison of a 3D printer which takes hours to give a 3D shape to your object.



This pen is quite good for those who are at the beginning level of 3D drawings or the doodling. This pen is not recommended to the professional artists since it doesn't provide that natural touch to the objects and as well as having the severe heating issues in the long term of the usages. The price tag of this pen still justifies the features that it offers to the users and you can buy it keeping those essential factors in your mind.




This is another 3D pen in our list which offers some decent performance and the features to the users.

  • This pen has been specially designed keeping all the practical and the user friendly features such as the thermal controls advanced level, filament jamming detection which detects the filament jammed scenario on its own and also with the super cool design.

You would get a 3D pen, a power adapter of 110 to 240 power output and also 1.75 mm ABS filament containing some colors option within it. You will also get an operational manual with it to help you understanding of its working process. 

7TECH 3D Drawing Pen Design

We know that the 3D pens are the latest development in the modern 3D art scenario and due to their high demand these 3D pens are being provided with the latest features and the performance enhancement. The 7ATECH 3D Drawing Pen is the latest addition in the technology of 3D pens.Being the brand new creation this pen is assembled with many advanced features which provide a very decent performance enhancement to all the 3D drawing enthusiasts. This pen is suitable to both the new comers and the professional artists. 

Safety Features

This pen comes with an auto standby mode which provides a full safeguard to the users if they get busy in some other work while keeping this 3D pen on. The pen will automatically get on the standby mode as a safeguard and would also save the battery drainage.


This 3D pen is equipped with the advanced feature of unclogging mechanism which prevents the ink jamming issue, which offers a very smooth performance and the easy maintenance experience to the users.This pen is also very light in weight having just 65 grams of the weight. Further the pen is also having the slender body which fits the hands very well

Included accessories

The pen is enabled with the LCD display at the center body of the pen which enhances the 3D crafting.

  • There is also a nozzle with this pen which is 0.7 mm diameter of the length.
  • This pen has a body which is made of the spatula which saves the fingers in case the body of the pen gets heated.
  • You will also get an operational manual guide with this pen which will guide you through the process of using it.

Pros and the functionality of the 7TECH 3D Pen 

I have personally used this pen and have found it to be very easy in the operational department. You just need to refer through the user manual once and you will get going with the flow of this pen

This pen is having very slim, lightweight and the slender body and such structure of the pen makes it very comfortable to be used by any kind of user whether they are the beginners or the professionals.
This pen is free of all clogging problems and due to that the ink of this pen never gets jammed and offers a non stop super smooth drawing experience to the users.
This pen has been made as a user friendly pen and you will also find a LCD display in the center of this pen which offers more crafting to the drawings.
You will get a complete 1 year warranty if you get any problem or issue in this pen you can easily replace it.



A best 3D pen is the one which offers performance with an utmost safety and the convenience and this pen is although having some good proportion of the safety but it lacks behind in the safety and the convenience aspects.

The very first and the foremost issue is of the heating body which heats so much that can burn your hand if used continuously. This pen is equipped with the advanced filament technology which replaces the traditional ink with the plastic to draw the 3D objects yet the objects do not have that natural touch within them.

As our final words this pen is decent for the beginners who tend to use the pen for a short span of time as their regular practice it would suit such people. If you are seeking something as in the professional use then this pen is not the wise choice for the professional artists.

3.GENESIS 3D Printing Pen

GENESIS 3D Printing Pen

GENESIS 3D Printing Pen

Genesis is in the third spot in our list this pen has been introduced by the Lasso labs. The pen is relatively based on the modern 3D art basics which we know works by the plastic substance just like any 3D printer. This pen is capable of giving a strong competition to any 3D printer both in the terms of the time and the features as well.

There we are providing you with some of the basic features and the specifications of the Genesis 3D printing pen.

  • The dimension of this pen is 7.9×5×3 inches.
  • You will also find an LED indicator with this pen.
  • The pen is made with the high resistant capabilities which offers an easy maintenance cost to the pen.
  • The material which this pen supports are 1.75mm ABS and the PLA.
  • There is offer of 100% lifetime warranty for this pen from the manufacturing company.

Design of the Genesis 3D Printing Pen

This pen is made with somewhat larger and also an expensive hardware which is equipped with the computer hook-up so that the users can create the objects with the computer interface. The plastic which is used to make up this pen is first heated up inside the 3D printing hardware which in resulting can be stretched, extruded, and moided and becomes capable of creating shapes and the designs in the best possible way.

Once the design is chosen by the pen which is further created within the variations of the computer design software and from there it is introduced into the 3D printer. The 3D printer fabricates the design through the plastic. This technology has facilitated the people to give shape to one of the hardest drawing objects in the world.
The large scale 3D printing feature has been turned into the small hardware of the pen which can fit into the palms of your hands. Once you use this stunning device you will be surely amazed by the realistic objects that it draws.

Here are the details and the features of this Genesis 3D printing Pen.


Size plays and important role in the overall structure of any 3D pen since a size is what determines the grip of the pen, whether the pen is going to be comfortable or not in the hands.

The size of the Genesis 3D pen is of the dimensions 8.3×5.4×3.7 and is having a very light weight of 1.1 pound. This dimension of the pen makes it very comfortable and the portable enough easily.

Equipped with the 5 colors filaments

The Genesis 3D printing pen is equipped with the five ABS filaments which are decent for any 3D pen. In addition to that you can also buy some other Filaments from the market.


This 3D pen product is completely different from the glue gun which to some extent functions in the similar way to this 3D pen. Why we are referring the glue gun here is since a glue gun also uses the internal heating element to melt the solid glue and passes it through the gun.

The Genesis 3D pen is having the same kind of composition, which is having the internal heating element to makes the ABS plastic pliable and then mold it into any shape which is desired by the users.


This is the best performance enhancement part of this 3D pen. If you are planning to buy this 3D printer pen you will get a lifetime warranty with this pen which leaves no risk with the usages of this pen.

There are some pros of this Genesis 3D pen

  • The pen is very easy to use just by pressing of a button you will get going with it.
  • This 3D pen has been designed in such a way that can utilise different colors and even the plastics.
  • Kids can also use this pen with the supervision of the adults members.
  • The pen is lightweight and offers decent probability factor to the users.
  • The construction of the pen has been made durable and it comes with a lifelong warranty to the users.

Cons or the concerns of Genesis 3D printer Pen

  • This pen is not meant for the purpose of larger printing jobs it is best for the medium or small size printing objects.
  • The pen is having some heating issues which doesn't make this pen completely safe for the longer hours usages.


This Genesis 3D printing pen offers an all in all great offering Package to all the users which does an incredible job of drawing and printing the 3D objects.

This pen is almost having no adverse or the negative reviews and you can gift or suggest this 3D pen to your friends, family or relatives without any hesitation. The pen is suited for all the people who love 3D crafting, drawing, designing and all such stuff and it does its job quite perfectly. You can surely go for this pen.




Drawing is the other name of the creativity and in this creativity if you don't have the tool which let you be prime creative of your art then my friend you are probably having a bad tool to give shape to your creativity. Here we are presenting you the CREO-POP 3D Pen which will understand the importance of your creativity and would best sync with it.

This 3D Pen basically provides the full freedom to let you draw the three dimensions objects in a one go and with an utmost ease. It is the modern tool for all the art enthusiasts who want to give shape to their ideas right away on the go. You would be able to draw any object with this 3D Pen as your mind conceives them just at the press of the button.

The best thing about this 3D pen which I have personally liked is the composition of the pen. It is created with the cool ink and the parts of this 3D pen are not made of the hot metals which generally get melted and then start smelling very badly.

Since this pen is made with the cool ink it offers a great comfort of drawing the objects with an ultimate life span. There is no threat with using this pen even if you gift this pen to your children it would be fully safe for them as well.

Here we are describing some of the major specifications of this CreoPop 3D pen which would provide a source of reference for a complete analysis.

  • This pen offers the charging compatibility with mini USB cable.
  • The pen is made with the cool ink which would keep you away from the risk of melting body and then the stinky smell.
  • There is no heating temperature issue with this pen.
  • This pen is completely safe for both the adults and the children group of age.

The features and the details of the CREO-POP 3D printer Pen

Below you will get to know with some of the unique features of the CREO-POP 3D pen.

  • If you have been using the 3D printer pen from a while then I assume that you must have been aware with one of the most common issue with using these pens. Yes we are talking about the heating issue which comes as a boon with these pens.
  • Well with the CREO-POP 3D pen we assure you that you would no longer have to be enduring the same experience of the heating issues.
  • The CREO-POP is in fact the first pen in the history which has been built over the platform of cool ink cartridge which make it quite unique from the other categories of the 3D pens.
  • It is fully cordless,Cord is one of the most trouble obstacles which come in the way when you are willing to be giving shape to your ideas. I have personally used some of the 3D pens and the thing which troubled me most was the cord plugged in issue. You have to keep those other 3D pens plugged in to the power unit with the help of the cord.

Well this is not the scenario with the CREO-POP 3D pen since it is fully cordless which lets you work without any troublesome of getting connected to the power source unit. This pen is configured with the inbuilt battery power source which requires one time charging and keeps you going for the longer hours of working schedule.

No hot parts and the melting plastic issues

As we have already described above that since this pen is built on the cool ink platform which in results leaves no space for the heating issues whatsoever. The cool ink in this 3D pen is known as the photopolymers or the light sensitive ink which gets hardens when comes in the exposure of the LED diodes which saves the pen from getting heated.

While the other 3D pens are made with the thermoplastic which may reach the temperature as high as 270 degrees which causes the problem in the holding of the pen and hampers the longer hours working schedule of the users.

The CREO-POP 3D pen is built with the photopolymers which enables the users to draw any object as easily as they draw with any ordinary pen. This is a complete package 3D pen in all means which can be referred by any group of age people.

Amazing cool ink

We have already elaborated in a quite good way that the cool ink based composition of this pen is the most unique feature of this pen. This feature makes this pen stand out uniquely from the other 3D pens category. This cool ink contains the photopolymers technology which is known as the temperature sensitive ink feature which charges with the exposure to the heat exposure and saves the body of the pen from the heating issue. It is also claimed by the company that this cool ink is complete safe in all the aspects that even if the children consume it by mistake it won't make any harm to them.

CREO-POP 3D pen pros

After discussing the specifications and the major features of this CREO-POP 3D pen now it's time to discuss the pros of this pen.

  • The ink of this 3D pen contains the object which lasts much longer than any other kind of the ink with other 3D pens. This pro is one of major pros which come into the consideration when you are going to exhibit your artwork in any exhibition. It would last just forever there.
  • This pen gets started just by pressing the button which provides a super smooth drawing feature to the users.
  • You can just give shape to any object by using this pen and it would be your best companion.
  • This 3D pen comes with the scented items, which offers a very natural fragrance when it comes to drawing some nature related artwork such as drawing the flowers etc.
  • This pen is best for the scientific work also since the pen provides the feature of electric conducting which is much needed in the scientific projects. With this pen you would be able to get through the projects more realistically due to the electricity conduct feature of the pen.

If we talk about some of the cons or the consumer concerns with this 3D pen then there are few of them.

This 3D pen can only be refilled from the company's end which means every time when you need to fill the pen with the ink, you have to take it to the company.

This is a kind of very hectic and tiring process of filling the pen with ink and also the ink is very costly in the comparison of other 3D pens.

You will need some patience and the professional drawing skills in order to make the most of this pen. This pen in other words is best suited to the professor artists due to many factors such as its cost and the performance outcome. So, if you are a beginner then it won't be a right choice to go for this 3D pen directly.


This is the tough part of any object or the art tool to conclude it in some words. Since this pen is equipped with some of the great features which other 3D pens are missing, that surely makes the pen stand out uniquely. We have also loved all the practical features of this 3D pen other than few of the messy features such as the ink or the cartridge issue.

As our final verdict we would say that this pen is a must having deal for all the professional artists who would make the most out of it.

Further about the beginner we would say that you should stick to some other low cost 3D pens, and as your drawing skills get improved you may certainly go for the CREO-POP 3D pen.

We hope that you would like the above mentioned reviews of these available 3D pens in the list. You may ask us the specific questions related to any of these 3D pens in the list.