3D pen is the newer invention of the modern technology which is used in creating the 3D objects on the paper and other platforms. 3D pen's invention has replaced the 3D printers which were used in the field of drawing to give the 3D shapes to the drawing objects.

In the present scenario the 3D pens are used at the most due to their small sizes and the maximum significance in the field of arts and creativity.

Today in this article we are going to discuss some of the best tips to use the 3D pen in an appropriate way to get the best out of them. You are advised to follow these tips in a well order.

Choosing the 3D Pen

The very first tip is to choose the appropriate 3d printing pen review as there are the several types of 3D pens are available and not all of them are suitable for your use. You need to make some research over these 3D pens and then choose the one which serves your purpose in the best way.

Setting up the Pen

Once you are done with the choice of your pen that you want to use in your work the next thing which comes across is setting up the pen in order to make it work. Here you need to fill the pen with the filament, which you want to use in your 3D printing. Next just power on the pen.

Selecting the temperature

After filling the filament the next thing which comes ahead is choosing the right temperature for the pen. Here you need to set the temperature which can meet up with the filament well.

Set the speed bars

Speed of the 3D pen determines the pace with which the filament starts coming out of the pen. You need to set the speed bars in accordance to your working speed.

Now your 3D pen is ready to be used in giving 3D shapes to your artistic or the creative work. If you go out of the filament just fill it again and resume working mode with the pen.

How to refill filaments?

We know that filament is basically the 3D liquid which is inserted into the 3D pen in order to make the 3D pen work. Filament is basically a fuel to the 3D pen without which it can't work and the filaments are often used in the 3D printing by the pen. Once the filament gets consumed by the 3D pen it needs to be refilled and this is how you can refill it. 3D pen Refill are easily available in the market, you just need to get the one from the market. Once you get it see the bottom of the 3D pen this is where you will find the little hole for refilling the filament.

Open the hole and then insert the filament in that hole and drain the filament into that. Once the pen is filled with the filament just close the hole and then you may resume your work back.


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