Are 3D Pens Safe For Kids – Parental Guide

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Are 3D pens safe for kids

Many people tend to ask this question. This type of pen has revolutionized the world of drawing, making it possible to draw images in three dimensions. Loosely called portable 3D printers, these pens allow a plastic substance to extrude which solidifies when exposed to air. But are 3D pens safe for children? To find an answer, we need to answer the following questions:

Ease of use

3D pens work with plasticized material that heats up when it comes into contact with the sheet. On paper, using the pen can seem quite simple. Lots of videos talk about it. However, in reality, the use is not simple enough. You have to be extremely patient and be careful not to create a mess. This can happen when your shaky hand heats up plastic or resin. It is strongly recommended that you supervise your child when using this tool, as it is not a toy. If you are too scared, wait until your child is at least 6 years old to use it.

Heating elements

3D pens are available in different sizes, shapes, colors, etc. However, they follow the same heating procedure when the pen is in contact with the sheet. The heating elements are usually located near the metal tip or in the nozzle. Some products offer technology to lower the temperature when you are not using them. If you accidentally touch the tip of the pen, you may cause burns to the skin and clothing. Beware of some pens, it can happen that your pen reaches an extreme temperature which exceeds 200 degrees.

The materials used

Also beware of the materials used, as it can happen that your pen was created by carefree people. Over time, different types of materials have been discovered. However, plastic remains the most common. ABS or PLA plastics are most often followed by resins. The molten plastic is released by a hot metallic tip. While using the pen is essential, you should not touch your artwork until it is completely solidified and cooled.

The current source

Although there are pens running on rechargeable batteries, most 3D pens on the market are powered by a 110-220 V outlet. The internal mechanism of the pen, when turned off, changes to approximately 12 V. This is the main reason why most 3D pens come with a tip attachment. To avoid the risk of receiving an electric shock, manufacturers use secure technology that includes high-quality plastic materials. But it is better not to use low-end Chinese products, they are the ones that cause the most problems.

Child friendly

A number of 3D pens have a flexible cord that powers the pen. The length of the wire can vary from one supplier to another, but it is normally quite long. In addition, the pen is made of a very flexible material and can be maneuvered while drawing. In addition, it is made of a material resistant to the elements and does not conduct electricity. Unfortunately, the cord can become tangled during use, causing inconvenience and disorganization.

3D pens with UV light

3D ultraviolet (UV) pens are the latest on the market. Unlike ordinary pens that heat plastic and allow it to cool naturally, they have a special resin that cools when exposed to UV rays. This is useful because it allows the electrical cords and the hot tip to disappear. The pen shortens the time it takes to cool the resin. Unfortunately, no conclusive studies have been done on the safety of UV light pens.

General conclusion

3D pens have made a new start thanks to the different features. It is now possible to have three-dimensional images almost instantly. However, looking at the different aspects above, the 3D pen is better suited for adults than for children. It is therefore preferable to wait until your child is at least 6 years old to use this device. If you are in a hurry, I recommend using a 3D pen with UV light for now. But the problem is that there is no conclusive safety study.

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