Comparison Between a 3D Pen with UV Light or ABS Plastic

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Comparison between a 3D pen with UV light or ABS plastic

Comparison between a 3D pen with UV light or ABS plastic

Before, we had pens and pencils. And now we have pens that will allow us to draw 3D objects very quickly. Amazing, but it’s true, for a while, the first 3D printers were unveiled, so the inevitable happened, there are now 3D pens.

In this article, we will talk about two types of pens: the UV light pen and the ABS plastic pen.

What is a 3D pen?

A few days ago, I wrote an article that talks about how a 3D pen works. To see the article on how a 3D pen works, click on the link . Here is a general description of this device, a 3D pen allows the user to draw objects in 3D. This device extrudes a filament, allowing the user to draw with other filaments used by the 3D pen. In addition to that, it is a very handy tool for children and adults, but there is a downside. It can happen that your 3D pen burns you, so beware of that. Once extruded from the pen, the filament hardens quickly, allowing the plastic to remain stable and retain its shape.

History of the creation of the 3D pen

The 3D pen celebrates its first anniversary. Developed in 2013, crowdfunding has enabled inventors to put this tool on the market by showing how the object works. In February 2014, a few months after start-up, more than 20,500 pens with 1.8 million cartridges were sold. This is a very good result for a small business that has started crowdfunding.

3D pens with UV light

The first 3D pen with UV light created huge competition from the many pens available in e-commerce sites and specialty stores. It is the first pen to use UV light

This device uses a liquid resin which encapsulates it in a proprietary cartridge. When using this device, the liquid begins to extrude it using UV light. When reacting, the liquid will eventually harden.

The advantages of a 3D pen with UV light

By using this tool, it greatly eliminates the need to use heat. The pens use a liquid resin sensitive to UV light, making it a safer tool for children. The pen produces a clean strand of plastic.

The disadvantages of a 3D pen with UV light

The UV light pen is expensive, but later you may find cheaper components, just like traditional printers. But for now, we have to wait for the price to drop.

3D pens with ABS and PLA plastic

Traditional 3D pens look like a glue gun because of their uses and their ambient temperatures. But the principle remains the same. The pen produces a much finer plasticized filament than a pen with UV light. They have disadvantages and advantages. There are many differences with these filaments. To learn more about the comparison between these filaments , I made an article that talks about that. So don’t hesitate to read it.

3D ABS plastic pens

ABS is a thermoplastic polymer. It is frequently used in household appliances such as coffee machines. The plastic is the same as that of Lego. It becomes soft at 90 ° C, it begins to melt at 180 ° C and it is worked at 230 ° C. It therefore withstands heat better than PLA. Unlike its competitor, it folds easily and resists breakage. It will allow you an easy cleaning of your device. Make sure that the risk of breakage is higher during printing, especially for reasons of lower resistance to thermal shock.

PLA 3D plastic pens

PLA is a biodegradable product made from recycled materials. It is therefore more ecological. It is often used in food packaging. This product can be obtained from corn starch. It becomes soft around 50 ° C, it begins to melt at 160 ° C and it is worked at 180 ° C. So be careful, it does not withstand heat very well. The product is sensitive to moisture, so keep it dry, which can also be a problem. Its implementation will require a little more maintenance on the device. PLA does not really bend and tends to break easily if you abuse it. It smells good when it melts and has a lower failure rate in 3D printing.

General conclusion

It is difficult to say which is the best type of pen because the types of pens have advantages and flaws. The major disadvantage of a pen with UV light is the price of the cartridges. For serious artists, the price does not really have a downside, but, for novices, the price can become exorbitant.

The UV light pen will also produce a clean line, but the ABS plastic pen is much more stable in its design forms. The only downside to an ABS plastic pen is child safety, so be careful when using this kind of device.

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