How To Use a 3D pen – Beginners Guide

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how to use a 3D pen - beginners Guide

Here is a guide where I will explain how to use your 3D pen . It is a unique portable tool that works like a normal pen. It uses an ABS or PLA substance, unlike a normal pen that uses lead or ink. The pen is equipped with an electric heater powered by an extruder and a heating element, which allows the ABS or PLA filaments to melt. If you do not have any filaments at your disposal, you cannot use your pen. ABS or PLA filaments are introduced at one end. Once the filaments are melted, the substance begins to harden. A pen has a metallic tip, which allows you to heat up to an ambient temperature above 270 degrees . A pen produces refined three-dimensional shapes that allow you to draw across a flat surface or in the air; it requires no hardware or software.

To use your 3D pen, it’s extremely simple, for that you have to plug in your pen and wait a few seconds before the device heats up. Insert the ABS or PLA filaments backwards. Set the speed mode of your choice, wait a little before the liquid comes out and all you have to do is draw with the pen.

The different ways to use a 3D pen

There are many methods for using a pen, although they are often marketed as artistic devices. The pens can be used for repair or decoration in conjunction with 3D printers. In addition, small parts can be welded together to create larger models. Here are the different possibilities of creativity with a pen:

  • Ornaments, jewelry and hanging pendants.
  • Magnets and decorative art.
  • Personalize your objects such as laptops, pens, smartphones, etc.
  • Create basic 3D shapes and models.
  • Create a mini Eiffel Tower.
  • Create flat or 2D shapes.

How to choose a 3D pen?

There are different types of 3D pens, for the most part, they are basic pens, but for others, they are professional pens. Basic pens do not have many functions, while professional pens have many functions. When choosing a pen, it is always essential to consider the following:

  • Are the speed and temperature parameters adjustable?
  • What types of filaments can be used on a 3D pen?
  • The availability of accessories.
  • Cost (cost does not necessarily indicate the best model).

The difference between PLA and ABS filaments

When you use your device for the first time, it is good to know the difference between PLA and ABS filaments. PLA filaments are made from starch and are environmentally friendly. They have a low melting temperature and a high transition temperature. Unlike PLA substances, ABS substances are more powerful and more resistant to chemicals. They are oil-based, with a high melting temperature, but the transition temperature is low. ABS filaments are more expensive than PLA filaments because they are biodegradable.

How to charge a 3D pen?

Load the filaments on the back of the pen. Press the main button to start flow, to stop the flow of filaments, release the main button. Tilt the pen 45 degrees to enter the filaments. To change the color, you need to add a new color and repeat the process. To avoid mixing colors, you can opt for paper scribbling, which allows the plastic remaining in the heated lower part of the pen to be extruded. Mixing colors can be useful.

How to use the different speeds?

The pen has two main speeds: slow and fast. Speed ​​determines the flow of plastic, allowing you to get delicate and complex details at your own pace. You can switch between gears by pressing the upper or lower buttons on the body of the pen.

How to maintain a 3D pen?

No parameters are necessary to maintain a pen. If there are problems with the plastic coming out of the pen, wait until the pen cools down and wipe with a cloth dampened with alcohol. To avoid breaking your pen, never force small components on the pen or inside the pen. Apply downward pressure to the maintenance cover each time you insert or remove the filament. Make sure there is no plastic inside the pen each time you put on the maintenance cover. Then reinsert the filament the right way. Remember to always change the nozzle when using the pen, so carefully unscrew the nozzle counterclockwise.

The difference between a 3D pen and an ordinary pen

A 3D pen looks like an ordinary pen, but its size is quite large. The ordinary pen uses lead or ink, while the 3D pen uses plasticized filaments. A 3D pen has a fan and an electrical outlet. The purpose of the fan is to prevent the pen from overheating. It has a power switch on the side of the pen. The switch is a laminated switch, not a simple on / off button. When the pen is turned off, the button is in the middle of the pen. The speed regulators are located next to the lower part of the pen, while the other part is integrated in the pen. The tip of the 3D pen is delivered with a removable rubber protection.

The facts about the 3D pen

  • These devices have thousands of uses.
  • The pen is environmentally friendly.
  • This tool is not a toy.
  • The use of your device does not require any knowledge.
  • He is fast.

The advantages of a 3D pen

  • It gives the freedom to create freehand 3D objects.
  • No need for computers or software.
  • It has the possibility to switch between PLA and ABS substances.
  • It is portable because it is a light and small object.
  • It allows you to draw vertical models instantly.
  • It has a unique cooling system which allows the plastic to cool very quickly.
  • Some pens have an automatic sleep mode.
  • We can draw and write in the air with it.

The disadvantages of a 3D pen

  • It can happen that your device rises to an extreme temperature which can become dangerous if a part of the body comes into contact with the nozzle.
  • The extrusion temperature must be adjusted.
  • He may have overheating problems.
  • The tip can break if it is too tight.

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