The Ultimate Guide To Drawing in 3D

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The Ultimate Guide To Drawing in 3D

How to make a drawing in 3D ? Many people often ask this question. By following this guide, you will discover the different methods for drawing in 3D like 3D pens, etc. I will also show you the different steps to learn how to draw in 3D with your pencil . Offering step-by-step tutorials, you will be able to draw anything in 3D.


This method is called anamorphic drawing. Anamorphic drawing is a distorted projection or perspective, forcing the viewer to use special devices or to occupy a specific point of view. There are two types of anamorphic drawing : perspective (oblique lines) and mirror (catoptric).

The examples of perspectives date from the beginning of the Renaissance (15th century) to the end of the Renaissance (16th century). Most of these examples use the mirror as a method. Using this technique, the author of the drawing can transform a flat drawing into a 3D drawing . With this technique, he can draw anything he wants in 3D, ranging from caricature to erotic scenes.

The future of 3D printing

Since that time, 3D technology has become more and more consistent and popular worldwide. You can now draw 3D models with your 3D pen or print your model using a 3D printer. There are even portable mini 3D printers for smartphones on the market, like the OLO 3D 3D printer . OLO 3D is becoming more and more popular over time thanks to its low price (only $ 99). You can even scan your own models with a 3D scanner.

To learn more about 3D pens , there are many tutorials on this site that explain how your 3D pen works , the substances used, etc. There is even a small comparison of the best 3D pens by clicking on this link .

How to draw in 3D with your pencil?

Do you know the artist Julian Beever? Julian Beever is an artist, painter, who creates artistic 3D drawings in the street. Here are some pictures of these famous drawings:

Julian Beever uses anamorphic art with perspective techniques and a few mirrors. If you read this guide, you will be able to make a 3D drawing like him. But to succeed in doing like him, you must perfect your artistic side by drawing on a sheet of paper.

For this guide, you will need:

  • A sheet of paper.
  • A 2H pencil and an HB pencil for the contours.
  • A pencil B for the shade.
  • A charcoal to blur the shadows.
  • Colored pencils or markers.
  • An eraser or a crumb eraser.
  • A model.
  • A ruler.
  • Scissors.

Step 1 – The grid

The first thing to do is to make a grid on your sheet of paper. For this, you will need a 2H pencil to make the grid. The grid must be 4 × 4.

The grid is essential to make a 3D drawing and also to learn how to draw in 3D , so don’t forget!

Step 2 – Choose a model

Choose any model to draw in 3D and start making your freehand drawing . I suggest you use the grid to help you.

Do not forget to stretch your 3D drawing to achieve your optical illusion.

Step 3 – Add realism to your drawing

Once the drawing is finished, you need to bring realism to your 3D drawing . For this, you will need colored pencils or markers, a charcoal and a B pencil to draw the shadows of your model.

Step 4 – Use your chisel

You need to cut out your model with a chisel. Just cut out your model at the top.

Step 5 – Position your drawing

For the effect to be immediate, you must correctly position your drawing . You will have the impression that the drawing is in 3D thanks to the stretching and positioning of your freehand drawing .

Here is a video to show this optical illusion:


There are several methods for drawing in 3D . Making a 3D drawing is very difficult, but, once you have made your 3D drawing, you will be satisfied with your artistic design. You can now show your artistic talents to those around you.

Remember that you can draw in 3D with a 3D pen. But, if you want to draw quickly in 3D, there are cheap 3D printers on My 3D Pen .

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