Best 3D Printing Pens 2020 – Our Top 10 List Inside

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Best 3D Printing Pens 2020 - Our Top 10 List Inside

Best 3D Printing Pens 2020 – Our Top 10 List Inside

Are you looking for the best 3D printing pens? Here we have selected the best 3D printing pens for children, amateurs and artists currently available on the market. A Little history of origin of 3D pens might fascinate you!

The 3D pen is one of the trendiest technologies of recent years. It is an innovative and entertaining tool that makes the dreams of children and artists come true. Long gone are the days when you could only draw on the X and Y axis: Now it is possible to use the Z-axis to let your creativity speak in three dimensions!

The 3D pen is an educational toy par excellence, especially for children, and allows you to improve your perception of space, activate your imagination and cultivate your artistic skills.

Our selection of 3D Printing pens:

Best 3D Printing Pens For Adults

3Doodler Create+

The 3Doodler Create+ has powerful options worthy of Artists products at half the price.

Get the best 3D drawing experience with the best and safest non-toxic 3Doodler Create Plastic Filaments. The Create+ 3D pen is only compatible with 3Doodler Create 3mm PLA, ABS, Flexi & Wood Plastic.

3Doodler Create+ 3D Printing Pen for Teens, Adults & Creators! – Onyx black (2019 Model) – with Free Refill Filaments + Stencil Book + Getting Started Guide



The 3Doodler Start is the king of 3D pens for children and comes with eco-plastic threads and a USB cable.

3D art has simplified for children: plastic hardens quickly, allowing children to draw in air at a speed and temperature. Just push start the 3D pen, insert the plastic, wait for the 3D pen to warm up and you can DRAW!
Ideal for teaching STEM to Little Kids: 3Doodler Start inspires creativity, design, planning, construction and understanding.

3Doodler Start 3D Pen for Kids, Easy to Use STEM Educational Toy 3D Printing Pen Drawing Art Set with 1 Doodling Speed for Easy Control, for Boys & Girls Ages 6 & Up


3Doddler Create 3D Pen

MOST VERSATILE 3D PEN: 3Doodler offers the widest range of plastics, without clutter, safe and non-toxic. It is the only 3D art tool with interchangeable nozzles and unique accessories. In addition, you will find hundreds of FREE 3Doodler stencils available online for family inspiration. Draw in 3D for hours!

3Doodler Create 3D Pen with 50 Plastic Strands, No Mess, Non-Toxic –

How does a 3D printing pen work?

On the outside, a 3D pen looks like a normal pen, just a little thicker and with a few buttons. Logically, such a pen is somewhat heavier than the classic variant. A big difference to the conventional pen is the material used. A 3D pen uses plastic instead of ink. The pen has to be filled with plastic filaments, which are heated inside the pen and then come out of the tip smoothly. In principle, a 3D pen works like a hot glue gun.

The three-dimensional pressure pens usually need a short lead time to heat the plastic. The melted plastic solidifies within a very short time , which leads to completely new possibilities for artists. Drawings or sculptures drawn with a 3D pen have a much more realistic effect on the viewer.

A great strength of these special pens is that they can be used on practically any surface. This characteristic clearly distinguishes best 3D printing pens from normal crayons.

The market for 3D printers is still very young and there are many suppliers with similar products. Choosing the right pen can therefore be difficult for people who are not particularly familiar with this technology.


To help you sort through the huge offer on the market this season, here is our selection of the best 3D printing pens (sorted by price), from the big and inexpensive find to the small jewel of technology. A real creation tool that will be at your fingertips! To make your work easier, we have divided the 3D pens into three categories:



The Soyan is a classic 3D pen that offers everything you expect from such a product. Well, almost everything: There is still a switch missing, which means you have to unplug the pen to stop it. But apart from that the Soyan offers an excellent price-performance ratio for a 3D pen in this price range.

With a weight of about 60 grams it is light and small enough to be handled by a child. Thanks to its streamlined and ergonomic shape, it can be held with the same comfort in both the right and left hand. The Soyan also has a progressive adjustment system that allows you to set the speed and flow of the filament for optimal control during use. This 3D pen works with PLA or ABS in 1.75 mm.

Tecboss M1

The Tecboss M1 3D pen was optimized in 2019 with a smart chip that provides constant temperature and speed control for smoother operation. This 3D pen is only compatible with PLA filaments. Admittedly, most of its competitors can support several materials such as ABS, but by restricting itself to PLA, the Tecboss M1 ensures a clean, non-toxic and odourless experience that allows children to draw in complete safety.

It is controlled by a single button, which is also practical for use with children.

The M1 can be charged with the included power supply, but also with a USB charger and an external battery if you want to use it outdoors.

Leo Evo 3D Doodler Pen

The Leo Evo 3D Doodler Pen claims that it is made for both professionals, and kids.

This 3D pen is not only a lot of fun, but also very easy to use for children. It is controlled with only two buttons, and its automatic flow also allows your hands not to get too tired. The automatic shut-off function, which is activated after 80 seconds, is also very practical if you want to use the 3D pen with children. This product works with PLA and ABS.

Leo-Evo Professional 3D Drawing Pens – 3D Printing Pens – 3D Printer Pen Set with PLA Filament Refills for Kids Teens Adults Doodling Artist Drawing – Best Stencil Safe and Easy to Use (Essential)


The Glyby Intelligent is a fairly classic 3D pen, but one with surprising reliability. Sure, it probably won’t win the award for best design, but it has a number of features that are pretty impressive given its price range.

Its speed is adjustable, and its LEDs indicate if it has a remaining battery or if the pen is still on. It also has an overheating alarm and an automatic shutdown system.

This 3D pen supports PLA and ABS and works with standard 1.75 mm filaments.

MYNT3D 3D pen

The MYNT3D is a very versatile 3D pen. It allows different temperature settings (up to 240 ° C), which for you is synonymous with great freedom of design: PLA, ABS, but also more complex materials such as wooden threads!

The hotend is easily exchangeable and the 3D pen can be used with a portable battery for more flexibility (on the other hand no USB connection). With its large LCD screen and compact size, let us add that this pen also shines with its sobriety and elegance.

MYNT3D Professional Printing 3D Pen with OLED Display

Dikale 07A

The new generation Dikale 07A can operate at temperatures up to 220°C and is able to extrude PLA and ABS filaments (very nice for your small touch-ups on existing 3D prints or for creating ‘A-model’ projects.

It is sold as a child-friendly 3D pen, but we still recommend using it under adult supervision, as the nozzle is not completely out of reach of curious little fingers.

The Dikale 07A obviously manages to find the right balance between reasonable price and performance, if you believe the nearly 200 buyers who have given it 4 or more stars on Amazon. A solid candidate in the market for affordable 3D pens.

The 3Doodler Create

There it is, the famous 3D pen that started it all.

Well, almost. In fact, the 3D Create pen is the descendent of the 3Doodler, the original model. In any case, it deserves some recognition, not only for its role in the development of 3D pens, but also for its functionality.

Surprisingly, the Create offers two buttons for the two extrusion speeds, but none for removing the thread. But it’s all about perspective: this 3D pen is the original, maybe all the other models are strange…

As with other 3D pens designed by major manufacturers, the Create comes with a wide range of accessories, including a set of interchangeable heads, the DoodlePad (a holder for your drawings), the JetPack (a portable battery) and the pedal foot that takes the strain off your fingers during the longest creations.

3Doodler Create 3D Printing Pen Set, Rose Gold

Tecboss SL-300

The Tecboss SL-300 is one of the lightest 3D pens on the market that can really make a difference on long projects, especially when combined with its ergonomic design. Despite its lightness, this Tecboss 3D pen gives an impression of craftsmanship and solidity.

It is suitable for both beginners and experienced users. With its eight speed modes and its temperature control system (up to 210°C), it ensures stable and precise extrusion. Experienced users will find it a powerful tool they can always rely on to do a good job.

The Tecboss 3D pen is compatible with 1.75 mm ABS and PLA filament and has an LCD display for monitoring and setting the temperature and speed. In addition to a pen holder, the Tecboss 3D pen comes with a power supply and a USB charging cable. This means that you can work well further away from a socket with a mobile battery (power bar). An ABS and PLA filament roll are also included with the pressure pin so that you can get started straight away. As a practical extra, there are 2 silicone finger protection caps that are intended to protect against burns. At 55 grams, the device is on average.

The customer reviews for the Tecboss 3D pen are consistently positive. The buyers particularly like the ergonomics of the pen and the 8 speed levels .

With its LCD screen and support for PLA and ABS, the Tecboss SL-300 can withstand Artists products at half the price.



CoLiDo 3D pen

This model looks like Create, right? Even the buttons to control the extrusion speed are identical! Therefore their performance is similar. But the two models differ in one very specific point: the print head of the CoLiDo is retractable. So there is no risk of accidentally burning something.

This 3D pen comes with stencils and a large amount of filaments and is an excellent model for anyone involved in 3D drawing.

Basic from 3Dsimo

Basis is the 3Dsimo model for children. This 3D pen has more than one trick up its sleeve. First of all, it does not need to be connected to the power supply! Thanks to its rechargeable battery via USB cable, you can draw in 3D for 3 hours, if you can believe the manufacturer. The 3Dsimo Basic works with PLC materials that heat up at low temperatures for safe use: no risk of burns with the nozzle.

Scribbler V3

The V3, the latest version of Scribbler’s 3D pen, is a very versatile model that we think is a very good choice. It is similar to SkyWriter3D in terms of style and functionality, but at a slightly lower price.

In order not to spoil anything, there are four different colours. In terms of functionality, it has an LED screen and a temperature and speed control system. The automatic sleep mode helps prevent burns and injuries when left unattended. The Scribbler V3 is also equipped with a replaceable nozzle in case the filament gets stuck permanently.

SkyWriter3D V3 3D pen

The SkyWriter3D is sold as the “lightest 3D pen in the world” and weighs 55 grams. With its ergonomic design it is designed for artists and amateurs. Thanks to its system for controlling the extrusion speed via a digital screen, it enables more precise and stable extrusion. You only need to press once to start continuous extrusion to obtain a freer grip while limiting fatigue during the creative process.

In summary, this model is not only easy to use, but also has an impressive number of functions, all at a reasonable price.

3D Pens For Children

IDO3D Vertical

The IDO3D Vertical is actually a kit consisting of 5 pens, and these pens are actually tubes filled with gel that hardens under UV light.

Are you a little confused? The way it works is as follows: The ink is extruded onto the pen by pressure, then a UV lamp that’s clamped onto the pen hardens it. So this model allows you to use several colours and integrate them into a single project. The starter kit also contains an activity book.

This system is certainly very different from the other 3D pens presented in this article, but it does offer a great advantage, especially for use with children: no risk of burns on the hotend, as the IDO3D is simply not equipped.


The CreoPop is the first 3D pen in the world that works with cold ink. And on top of everything else, it works wirelessly. Forget about the hot ends, melted plastic and bad smells typical of traditional 3D pens. Instead, CreoPop uses photopolymers that solidify using LEDs. Unlike thermoplastic 3D pens, CreoPop does not present any risk of serious burns.

And because it does not generate heat, it can be used safely and comfortably at home, safe for children or animals. The most innovative feature of CreoPop is the wide range of cold inks available: different colors, elastic, magnetic or even phosphorescent inks… The ink cartridges can be changed very easily to create complex designs.

3Doodler 3D Start Pen

In addition to its main model, the 3D Create pen, 3Doodler launched a device specifically designed for children. What distinguishes these two models is the low temperature print head. The children’s model uses a special biodegradable plastic called “eco-plastic” that melts at a lower temperature (and is therefore safer) than traditional filaments used in 3D printing, such as PLA and ABS. This allows the print head and extruded filament to be touched without risk of burns.

To stimulate children’s creativity, the 3D Starter Pen comes with different sets, each containing an activity book and elements on a specific topic. For example, the children can experiment with a motor in the special robot set or bring their wildest projects to life with the product design set.

3Dsimo kit

A rare bird on this list, the 3Dsimo kit is, as the name suggests, a kit. This pen, which is sold in spare parts (a large part of which is printed in 3D to the delight of the manufacturers), is also unique because it is completely open source. In fact, plans, files, and firmware are all available on GitHub. Every craftsman’s dream!

Once the pen is out of the box, you can start drawing in 3D thanks to the predefined settings for ABS and PLA. If you’re looking for more control or have specific hardware requirements, you can also connect the pen to your computer and configure your own settings.

3D Pens For Artists


Scribbler is already well established on the market and is further improving its offering with the new 3D Duo pen.

The most remarkable and original feature of the Duo is, of course, its double nozzle, a real plus for creating complex drawings: You can immediately switch from one filament to another or even draw with both filaments at the same time. Also practical is the double-click function for larger or more complex drawings, which allows you to draw without having to constantly press the button.

The Multipro from 3Dsimo

What was initially just a kickstart campaign has developed into a wide range of 3D pens.

First surprise with the 3Dsimo Multipro: It offers an impressive number of functions at a relatively low price. With it you can draw in 3D, engrave, cut in foam or even weld small parts. Most 3D pens in this list only work with PLA or ABS. But 3Dsimo goes even further: Thanks to its high temperature heating nozzle you can print with HIPS or PET filaments.

It is also possible to download an application that connects to the 3D pen to adjust the parameters according to the materials you use.

Create 3Doodler +

3Doodler released in June 2018 a new version of its 3Doodler Create model, a 3D pen very popular among DIY enthusiasts. The new, improved version, called Create +, is a major revision of the famous 3D pen.

According to the manufacturer, its “dual drive” motor system allows for a more reliable drive of the pen, thus avoiding material jams. The Create has two buttons for adjusting the extrusion speed. The slowest speed is ideal for drawing complex details, while the fastest allows larger areas to be filled quickly.

The new Doodler Create + supports PLA and ABS as well as flexible filaments. The Create + package also includes strands of filaments, in 15 colors, to extrude up to 180 m. Not for nothing has the 3D pen sold more than 2 million copies since 2013.

3Doodler has recently released the Create + Leather Edition. This version, elegantly wrapped in Italian whiskey coloured leather, is compatible with plastic and wood. If you choose the Deluxe or Master Set package, you will receive interchangeable nozzles consisting of a 6-in-1 pen.

3Doodler Pro 3D pen

The Pro-Model is the most advanced 3D pen in the 3Doodler range. Of course it has basic features, but that’s not all.

First of all, the 3D pen is compatible with most standard filaments, from classic PLA or ABS to polycarbonate, nylon or flexible filament. And not only do you have a choice of materials to print on, you can also switch between 6 print heads of different sizes and shapes.

So with this model you have the choice. It’s a bit like the red thread of this 3D pen, which we also find in the configuration: 8 printing speeds and a temperature range of 60° C to 240° C. Oh, and there’s also an adjustable fan. Exactly that.

It’s true that the price is quite high, but with this 3D pen you get what you pay for.

In summary, the 3Doodler Pro model is designed for Artists, giving them the flexibility they need to work effectively.

Best 3D printing pens are still in the early stages of their development and therefore some new providers will probably enter the market in the next few years. There are currently many specimens of similar quality on the market, which makes a purchase decision not really easy. It is important to know your own preferences when buying.

Our Top 10 Lists of 3D Printing Pens 

  1. MYNT3D Super 3D Pen, 1.75mm ABS and PLA Compatible 3D Printing Pen
  2. MYNT3D Professional Printing 3D Pen with OLED Display
  3. 3Doodler Create+ 3D Printing Pen for Teens, Adults & Creators! – Onyx black
  4. 3Doodler Start 3D Pen for Kids, Easy to Use STEM Educational Toy 3D Printing Pen Drawing Art Set with 1 Doodling Speed for Easy Control
  5. MYNT3D Junior 3D Pen for Kids, Uses Low Temperature 1.75mm PCL Plastic
  6. Leo-Evo Professional 3D Drawing Pens – 3D Printing Pens 
  7. 3Doodler Create 3D Printing Pen Set, Sapphire Blue
  8. AtmosFlare 3D Pen Set
  9. 3Doodler Start Robo Sumo 3D Printing Set, Transparent Pen, Includes Refill Plastic & Activities
  10. Wacom Pro Pen 3D – KP505

FAQ’s – Best Printing Pens of 2020

What is the best 3d printing pen 2019?

  • Tecboss 3D Pen
  • AIO Robotics 3D Printing Pen
  • 3Doodler Pro
  • XYZprinting 3D Pen
  • 3Doodler Create+

What is the best 3d printing pen 2018?

  1. QCREATE 3D Drawing Pen
  2. Scribbler 3D Printing Pen V3
  3. 3Doodler Create 3D Pen
  4. AtmostFlare 3D Pen Set

How much does a 3d printing pen cost?

Prices for decent 3D pens range from $14 to $150. The price depends on the brand, features, ergonomics and other factors. The average price of a 3D pen is about $50.

Are 3d pens safe?

SAFE FOR CHILDREN 3D Pen: Developed without hot components, completely safe for children from 8 years of age. The plastic handle and nozzle can be touched safely and without risk of burns. 3D ART Made EASY FOR Kids: Vinyl hardens quickly and allows children to draw in air at just one speed and temperature.

How do beginners use 3d printing pens?

Use a 3D pen design Template or Stencil. This technique is great for beginners to draw flat designs. You can also use this technique to construct simple 3D Art

What can I do with a 3d pen?

Whether it’s adding to an existing object, making it from scratch, or creating one of a kind gifts, if you can imagine it, you can most likely make it with a 3D pen.

What does 3d pen stick to?

The 3D printing pens can also be used to modify and repair other plastic objects. The molten plastic that leaves the 3D pens for the press can be glued to most surfaces, but most effectively comes into contact with other thermoplastics.

What is the cheapest 3d pen?

Tecboss 3D Pen. Great specs for a super-low price.

Do 3d pens work?

The principle on which the 3D handles work is very simple. The heat is used to melt the plastic. The user of the pen (also called doodlers) moves the pen to create different shapes and figures. The melted plastic cools and hardens quickly as it leaves the pen, making the shape of the extruded wire permanent.

Does Walmart sell 3d pens?

Yes, they do both online & at their respective stores.

How long does it take for a 3d printing pen to heat up?

approximately 1 minute

The 3Doodler Start takes approximately 1 minute to warm up. When you first turn the 3Doodler Start on, the indicator light will be red. Once the pen is ready to use, the indicator light will turn green.


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